Monday, August 27, 2007

AnglicanTV itinerary update

Kevin Kallsen of AnglicanTV leaves tomorrow (Tuesday) for Nairobi via Amsterdam for the consecration of the Rev. Canon Dr. Bill Atwood as Suffragan Bishop of Kenya on Thursday, August 30. Then Friday, he flies to Uganda for the consecration of the Rev. John A.M. Guernsey as Bishop of Uganda in Mbarara on September 2. Monday Kevin will be back in the U.S.

Please keep Kevin in your prayers and check AnglicanTV for more info.

On Bill Atwood from the Global South Anglican:

. . . As a part of a broader and coordinated plan with other provinces, the ACK will consecrate The Revd Canon Dr. Bill Atwood as Suffragan bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese, Nairobi of the ACK to support the international interests of the Anglican Church of Kenya, including support of Kenyan clergy and congregations in North America.

Our goal is to collaborate with faithful Anglicans (including those in North America who are related with other provinces). A North American Anglican Coalition can provide a safe haven for those who maintain historic Anglican faith and practice, and offer a way to live and work together in the furtherance of the Gospel.

And on John Guernsey from the Global South Anglican:

. . . Bishop-elect Guernsey will provide local episcopal oversight to the 26 congregations in the United States that are part of the Church of Uganda, on behalf of the ten Ugandan Bishops currently providing episcopal care to Biblically orthodox American congregations. He will also continue to serve as Rector of All Saints Church, Dale City, Virginia.

Archbishop Orombi said, “Rev. Guernsey has a long history with the Church of Uganda, including many short visits to Uganda for teaching and preaching missions. He is highly respected by clergy and Bishops in the Church of Uganda, and has also been a pastoral and strategic leader in the Anglican Communion Network as Dean of the Mid-Atlantic Convocation. He is the ideal candidate to pioneer this new ministry.” . . .

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