Friday, August 17, 2007

Bishop Mathes writes his diocese

I've just seen the letter Bishop James Mathes of San Diego has written the people of the diocese - check it out at Once I have a chance to take a gander, I'll offer some comments. For now, enjoy!

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David Turney said...

I've read it twice now and don't know how/where to begin commenting. There's the "slide toward congregationalism" nonsense toward the end, but that's too easy, knowing how deeply committed to apostolic authority the departing Anglican churches are.

There's also the big "Huh?" that happens after he finishes his thoughts on why it's OK to (try, and try and try) to take property away from thriving Christian congregations firmly planted in other Anglican dioceses that are not his own. His notion of needing to rebuild these congregations just goes too far. THE CONGREGATIONS ARE DOING JUST FINE. Actually, most of the congregations have shown a healthy improvement since leaving the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

He and the Dio. Council really need to evaluate spending all that money on building up the local Christian community instead of fighting to take what is neither legally nor rightly theirs.