Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Church tentatively tries talking to itself on Facebook

From Ekklesia, a Web site that bills itself as "a think-tank that promotes transformative theological ideas in public life" (check out their FAQs for more info, but the key word is "transformative"):

While some members of the Church of England appear ready to expel or de-Christianise each other because they have different views on sexuality, others are trying to talk together - using the medium of popular social networking site Facebook. But not that many so far.

The Church Times newspaper reports this week that members of the General Synod are signing up to Facebook after the example of Anthony Archer, a lay member for St Albans diocese. He established his own account in May 2007, before embarking on the General Synod project.

The Church is somewhat late on the Facebook scene - which already has millions of participants, including the Christian think-tank Ekklesia and an interest group called 'Save The Lambeth One' - which is about rescuing Rowan Williams from the embers of his embattled archbishopric, or at least liberating his role for good. . .

"Hopefully more people will now join the 42 intrepid souls who want to 'Free the Lambeth One'," [Ekklesia co-director Simon] Barrow added. "It's tragic that all large chunks of the Anglican Communion seem to want to do is kick themselves to death, while they have a person of such outstanding intellectual and spiritual capabilities as their leader. At the moment Rowan Williams is beached by his institution's dysfunction. But if he wants to find some less establishment friends he only has to look on Facebook.". . .

Not exactly an orthodox or traditional understanding of the Gospel or the Church, but they do seem to know new technology. Does ECUSA have a Facebook account? Huummmm . . .
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