Saturday, August 11, 2007

Diocese of Virginia legal proceedings

From BabyBlueOnline, a wrap-up of the legal proceedings from this week between the Diocese of Virginia and the 11 CANA congregations:

As to the ownership of the property, the [Fairfax Circuit Court] stated that it was making a very narrow ruling. The court found that, at this preliminary stage in the litigation, the complaints filed by the diocese and TEC state a sufficient claim to an interest in the property for those claims to proceed to trial where the TEC and the diocese will have to put on actual evidence to support their allegations. The court emphasized that it was not making a determination as to any rights, but simply that the complaints alleged enough to get TEC and the diocese past a preliminary motion to dismiss.
After recess, the Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church agreed to dismiss all of the vestry members and rectors as defendants without prejudice and the individuals agreed to honor any determination of the court regarding the plaintiffs’ property claims, subject to their rights of appeal of any adverse ruling.

That's a relief for the volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to working for a church. Read it all.

However, EpiscopalLife Online spins it a little differently:
According to the agreement, if the court rules in favor of the Episcopal Church and the diocese, an orderly transition with respect to all property would ensue. The Church and the diocese reserve the right, however, to seek an accounting of all monies spent by the departed congregations and bring the individual vestry members and clergy back into the litigation for that purpose.

Feel the love.

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