Monday, August 13, 2007

Episcopal cathedral to be decommisioned next week

The Cathedral of Christ the King, Diocese of Western Michigan

From the Kalamazoo Gazette:
After 40 years, a ``simple, quiet, sedate liturgy'' will bring to a close the landmark Cathedral of Christ the King.

The building, which resembles a castle and is visible from Int. 94, has been the bishop's seat for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan since its construction in 1968. The diocese sold the building to Kalamazoo Valley Family Church this year after leaders decided they had neither the resources nor support to maintain the building or 30-acre grounds.

A traditional ``secularization liturgy'' at 6 p.m. Wednesday will mark the end of the diocese's religious use of the cathedral. . .

The parish congregation at the cathedral is meeting for worship temporarily at the Atrium Conference Room of Bronson Athletic Club while it seeks a permanent location, said the Rev. Cynthia Black, the congregation's rector.

Kalamazoo Valley Family Church will move its 2,300 members from a cramped facility on Romence Road. The independent church plans to move its Sunday school and EPIC School of Ministry to the site first.

Read it all. I know it's easy to make fun of this cathedral as a travesty of modern architecture, but it's still sad to see it sold.

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