Monday, August 27, 2007

Five bishops write second open letter to the ECUSA Executive Council

From Virtue Online, a letter requesting information on where ECUSA is getting the financial resources for ongoing litigation against departing churches:

1 ) How much money has the Episcopal Church spent on litigation against congregations and individuals who have chosen to depart TEC since 2003? What are the sources of those funds?

2) In what budget(s) are those expenditures accounted for?

3) Has any income from trust funds been used to support these litigations? If so, how much and from which funds?

4) How much compensation has the law firm of the Episcopal Church's chancellor, David Beers, received for servicing this litigation?

To date we have received no reply from you in any form to address our call for financial transparency. And we are now joined by another bishop who is asking the same questions.

This contentious issue is not something to be ignored in hopes that it will dissipate or be forgotten. Because you have not pulled the veil from this issue, conjecture as to where the money is coming from is almost limitless. . .

Read it all.

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