Friday, August 31, 2007

AAC weekly message from the Rev. David Anderson

From the American Anglican Council weekly update email:

A Message from the President
The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson
President & CEO, American Anglican Council

Beloved in Christ,

This commentary is being sent from Nairobi as text mail from my cell phone so it will be brief. On Thursday eight primates and representatives of two other Anglican provinces gathered at All Saints Anglican Cathedral for the consecration of Bishops-elect Bill Atwood and Bill Murdoch as Suffragan bishops of the Cathedral Diocese. They will be responsible for pastoral care of the Kenyan congregations in North America . On Sunday, Uganda will have a similar consecration of Bishop-elect John Guernsey.

These bold actions taken by two Anglican provinces signify the resolve of Global South provinces to move forward in addressing the situation in North America.

What is also clear is that many provinces have seen enough evidence of the US Episcopal Church's defiance, and they are not anticipating anything further from TEC except deception and further movement forward on the revisionist agenda.

The AAC will be releasing our Communiqué Compliance Report Summary prior to TEC’s House of Bishops meeting, in time for the AB of Canterbury to "read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest" what will be obvious: the leopard hasn't changed its spots. Indeed, TEC is pursuing its agenda with audacity: a lesbian priest is a nominee for bishop of Chicago. Honestly, we couldn't make this up. And down in Lexington, Kentucky Bishop Stacy Sauls - former trial attorney and understudy to TEC Chancellor David Booth Beers - is asking for help in compiling a massive list of all the TEC congregations who have fled "overseas" so that in their litigation efforts they can leave no one un-sued.

While Bishop Sauls is compiling names, he can add Fr. Chuck Reeder and Holy Comforter Church, Broomfield, Colorado, who have announced this week that they are departing their diocese and TEC. For congregations and clergy in hostile dioceses things are becoming progressively more difficult.

And five retired TEC bishops are asking, “Where is TEC getting the money for all this litigation?” Be sure to read their letter in this Update.

On a positive note, I look forward to another refreshing time of fellowship and worship in Africa this coming Sunday, when John Guernsey will be consecrated in Uganda. May the Lord richly bless the ministries of these three new Anglican bishops in North America.

Blessings and Peace in Christ Jesus,

The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson
President & CEO of the AAC

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