Monday, August 27, 2007

"Gratitude, concern, and opportunity"

From the Prayer Book Society, a paper on the Book of Common Prayer and the Anglican Communion Network:

In negative terms, the Council of The Anglican Communion Network rejected the Formularies of The Episcopal Church as they stood before the revolution of 1976-1979; but in positive terms the same Council accepted the present Formularies of the Church of England and of other Provinces of the Anglican Communion (e.g., Nigeria and Uganda).

Put another way, the same Council did not choose to commit to the American tradition of Common Prayer (set forth in the editions of the BCP 1789, 1892 & 1928), but went behind them to the Formularies as they were for the Thirteen Colonies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, before the break with the Crown and the creation of the USA.

Thereby the same Council may have sought to avoid all the guilt and shame involved in the rejection of the 1789-1928 Formularies by General Convention in 1976-1979, a rejection confirmed by all subsequent Conventions and Diocesan Conventions to the present. The Council sought to make a new start by re-adopting the Formularies of the old Colonial period, the same Formularies which are those of the Church of England and of many Anglican Provinces worldwide. . .

. . . Thus we anticipate seeing very soon a variety of moves from within The Anglican Communion Network towards the practical adoption and use of the Formularies of 1662 both for worship and for ordination services, as well as for doctrinal standards and moral principles. . .

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Judith L said...

A welcome development.