Thursday, August 16, 2007

Many different ways to become lost

A guest posting by Drusilla at The Dawn Patrol on being single has a few insights into the Anglican worldview:

It has been almost exactly three years since I returned to the Catholic Church after spending a number of years in the Anglican Communion. In that brief period, there has been a radical change in me. As an Anglican, my immediate response would have been to deconstruct the Church’s teaching, to find in it the deep, spiritual meaning that ratified my belief that being perpetually single was actually God’s will. As a Catholic, I simply accepted it and now the real work begins. . .

[T]hen [I] realized I had never asked God, What do you want me to do? When I did ask, the answer was simply to live and become holy. So as long as I obeyed the teaching of the church, obedience seemed not to be an issue any longer.

But neither the teaching of the church nor obedience mean much in the Anglican circles I frequented. Though there are many people who will tell one what to do, the teaching there has become so murky, so capricious, there’s no path to follow, only many different ways to become lost. . .

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