Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rwanda: Anglicans reject Western accusations of rebellion


The Anglican Church in Rwanda and Africa will not be bullied into keeping quiet about the non biblical behaviors of the American and European churches, a senior bishop has said.

Bishop John Rucahana, Anglican head of the Shyira Diocese, said the current disagreements in the Anglican Church were caused by the ordination of the homosexual bishops by the American Episcopal Church. Rucahana said this was against the teachings of the holly bible.

The stalemate stems from an invitation to the Lambeth Conference 2008 from Archbishop Rowan Williams in which he invited one section of the bishops in Rwanda and left out others because apparently they do not have similar approaches to Anglican faith. Archbishop Williams is essentially the head of the worldwide Anglican Church. . .

Mr. Williams wrote in the letter seen by RNA: "This is not a question of asking anyone to disassociate themselves at this stage from what have been described as the missionary initiatives of your Provinces. I appreciate that you may not be happy with these decisions, but I feel that as we approach a critical juncture of the life of the Communion, I must act in accordance to the clear guidance of the instruments of the Communion."

"It is them that abandoned the faith, the law and doctrine of the church. They also do not believe in the teachings of the bible", Bishop Rucahana said Tuesday in a lengthy interview on state radio.

"Their behaviours do not conform to the religious conduct of the Anglican church because it is them that ordained homosexuals as bishops not Africans".

Bishop Rucahana said the Anglican Church in Rwanda will not be pushed into adopting the satanic behaviour of the "whites because they are whites". He called on the other sects to conform to the faith teachings as the problem crosscuts to them as well.

As a response to the move by Archbishop Williams, the Episcopal Church of Rwanda hit back accusing Archbishop Williams of "divisive" leadership.

The Rwandan Anglican clergy though their head Bishop Emmanuel Kollin said such behaviour was "violating holy orders" and by also making the decision to "ordain and to consecrate practicing homosexuals".

They added, "We feel that the words of the Archbishop are tantamount to a threat, and we cannot accept this".

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