Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taliban renews threat to kill South Korean hostages

From The Christian Post:

The Taliban renewed threats Wednesday to kill its remaining 19 Korean hostages if their demands were not met but did not immediately set a deadline.

“If the demands of the Taliban are not met, the Korean hostages face death,” said purported rebel spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed to Agence France-Presse by telephone from an unknown location.

“Although we want this crisis to be solved through negotiations, it seems the U.S. authorities are creating problems,” he added.

Mujahed also reported that most of the captives were sick from weather conditions and from lack of “proper food.”

“Their health condition is not good,” the spokesman said. “The weather conditions and a lack of proper food have made conditions for them very hard. Most of them are sick.” . . .

It has been over a month since the Taliban militants abducted the group of 23 South Korean Christian volunteers on July 19 – the largest abduction of foreigners in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. During that period, two male hostages have been killed – the leader of the group, Bae Hyung-kyu, who was found dead on July 25, and 29-year-old Shim Sung-min, whose body was found July 30.

Last week, the rebels released two females – 37-year-old Kim Kyung-ja and 32-year-old Kim Ji-na – as a “gesture of goodwill” when talks were going well.

Read it all and remember them and their families in your prayers.

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