Saturday, August 18, 2007

Third (and final) part of Mario Bergner’s contribution to the Listening Process at Stand Firm

From Stand Firm, part three of Mario Bergner’s Contribution to the Listening Process:

As the Church we are to teach and practice a moral and pastoral theology that actually believes living in abstinence, holy celibacy or change leading to heterosexual marriage are viable options for Christians struggling with same-sex attractions. Our message about homosexuality needs to state it is but one of the many sins Jesus died to redeem us from and that in the majority of cases same-sex attractions can be changed. As the Church we are to evangelistically preach the Good News leading to regeneration through baptism and deeper conversion to Jesus Christ. As the Church we are to equip pastoral leaders to minister sexual redemption and healing in Christ to all people, not only to those with same-sex attractions.

Finally, as the Church we need to be encouraged, strengthened and empowered with the truth that we have had success in ministering to people with homosexual attractions since the days of the Apostles. As stated earlier in this paper, St. Paul clearly writes that some of the Corinthians came free from life-controlling sins including homosexuality through a three-fold process of being washed, justified and sanctified. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11) When St. Paul’s three-fold process combines with St. Matthew’s three-fold mission of teaching, preaching and healing, the Church becomes a safe place where men and women with same-sex attractions find transformation. . .

Read it all, and thanks to Sarah Hey for posting this.

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