Friday, September 28, 2007

AnglicanTV schedule update

From AnglicanTV:

I am taking October off... I have been traveling on and off for ATV for about 15 months now and I need a break. Don't worry -- I have loved every minute of it!

This does not mean I won't be posting more video. I have several hours of video I will be editing and posting from New Orleans, Pittsburgh and other trips. However, I won't be traveling again until I go to some Diocesan Conventions in November and December. I think the first one is Pittsburgh on the 2nd of November and the last one is San Joaquin sometime in December. I will also try to make it to Mark Lawrence's consecration and any emergency primate meetings.

I am considering going to Lambeth, but I want to see how this exciting news from Pittsburgh shakes out around the world. Also, Canterbury has not responded to the HOB yet... I wonder what they (Rowan) will say. Is Rowan going to be real or is he still the only optimist left in the Anglican Communion?

So thank you all for your prayers, donations, and volunteering. Special thanks goes to ATV Reporter Anne Coletta, Richard Naff (huge donation and technical assistant in Bedford, TX) , and Rolin Bruno (technical assistant in New Orlreans).

Also, AnglicanTV has a new treasurer (Andrew Barnett) and we will be filing for 501(3) status. This means I will be getting more serious about fund raising and traveling to more venues.

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