Friday, September 14, 2007

Bishop Henderson withdraws report endorsement

From The Living Church:

The Rt. Rev. Dorsey F. Henderson, Jr., Bishop of Upper South Carolina, was erroneously listed as a contributing author of a legal paper prepared for the House of Bishops’ meeting next week.“My name is on it because there was a criss-cross of e-mails,” Bishop Henderson told a reporter from The Living Church. “I asked that my name be removed, but I was informed that it had already been sent to the printer. There are parts in which I concur, but others where I dissent."

The 98-page paper is titled “The Constitutional Crisis, 2007: A Statement to The House of Bishops, the Archbishop of Canterbury, & Honored Visitors by Legally Trained Members of the House.”

In addition to Bishop Henderson, five other bishops who are licensed attorneys are listed as authors: the Rt. Rev. Cabell Tennis, retired Bishop of Delaware; the Rt. Rev. Robert D. Rowley, Jr., retired Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania; the Rt. Rev. Joe Morris Doss, retired Bishop of New Jersey; the Rt. Rev. Creighton Robertson, Bishop of South Dakota; and the Rt. Rev. Stacy F. Sauls, Bishop of Lexington. . .

. . . Bishop Henderson said it was his understanding that the report was prepared at the initiative of Bishop Doss. Neva Rae Fox, a spokeswoman for Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, said she was not aware of the report and could not comment as to whether the Presiding Bishop had commissioned it or appointed its members. Bishop Doss and Bishop Sauls had not returned a phone message left for them before this bulletin was published. . .

Curiouser and curiouser.

H/t to Stand Firm.
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Tregonsee said...

+Henderson has been floated as the PV in the latest from 815. From the blogs, it is apparent that he, and the idea, are non-starters with traditionalists. Having his name attached to this document is not going to enhance that situation.

Anne Coletta said...

The whole thing seems like a trial balloon gone awry. I'm not sure what anyone was thinking here, given the response the bishops' report has gotten, as well as the idea of a modified primatial vicar plan.