Sunday, September 02, 2007

Follow-up on Trinity Prep's theater production

From the Orlando Sentinel, a follow-up to the decision of Bishop Howe of the Diocese of Central Florida to ask Trinity Prep school (an Episcopal school) to cancel their scheduled performance of La Cage aux Folles:

Two Orlando theaters Saturday offered stages for a prep-school production of La Cage aux Folles that was halted after an Episcopal bishop complained about the show's themes.Both the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and the Orlando Repertory Theatre -- a group for youngsters -- offered Saturday to provide a venue next weekend for Trinity Preparatory School's performances.

"We do it with enthusiasm," said Jim Helsinger, artistic director of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Trinity Prep's fine-arts director, Janine Papin, who directs the show, said Saturday that she would keep her promise to let the school's board of directors decide this week whether to let students resume performances at the school's auditorium.

"I do believe things will turn out well," she said. "I am an optimist, and I believe there is a learning lesson in all of this for us. "But if the board votes no, an outpouring of community support suggests that the show will go on. . .

. . . Both the Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando and the Orlando Gay Chorus said they would help find space, actors and anything else the teens need this week if the school permanently cancels the play.

"We're willing and able to do anything to help her put on the production," said Mark W. Hardin, artistic director of the Orlando Gay Chorus. . .

. . . Papin said that the musical wasn't meant to be a tacit endorsement of a gay lifestyle. She and her supporters said it is instead a lesson in "family values" and one of tolerance.

Papin said previously that she was "pushing the limits" with La Cage."But I wasn't pushing gay issues," she said Saturday. . .

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