Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bishop Minns reports on the Anglican consecrations

From BabyBlueOnline, a report from Bishop Martyn Minns on the Anglican consecrations in Kenya and Uganda:

Over the past few days Angela, Rachel and I have had the joyful privilege of taking part in the consecration of three new bishops from Kenya and Uganda to serve in the USA. We were there, along with representatives from most of the provinces of the Global South, to demonstrate our solidarity with each of these new bishops and their families as they begin their ministries. The actual services were exuberant celebrations attended by thousands and both lasted approximately five hours! They were also important milestones in our effort to build a united, biblically-based, missionary-minded expression of Anglicanism in the USA.

Bishops Bill Atwood, John Guernsey and Bill Murdock are personal friends of many years and we are looking forward to working with them in the coming months as part of the Common Cause Partnership.These new initiatives are a dramatic demonstration that we are not alone as we seek to bear witness to the transforming love of Jesus Christ that is rooted in the 'faith once and for all delivered to the saints.'. . .

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