Thursday, September 13, 2007

Please donate to AnglicanTV

From Greg Griffith at Stand Firm:

Kevin Kallsen and I have discussed some super neat-o plans if we can get him and his cameras and streaming video capabilities to New Orleans next week. He still needs $500, so if you can, please drop something in the AnglicanTV hat!

And from Kevin himself:
The entire communion is on pins and needles right now. Every Primate statement, movement and email is being analyzed every which way. If someone in Canterbury speaks, we want to know who they are speaking for. Whenever a Global South Primate speaks we want to know if they wrote it themselves.

Let us all take a step back and relax. September should be a time we are praying for all the Primates and Bishops. You need to pray in earnest for clergy friend or foe. If you have been visiting Anglican Blogs for more than an hour today you know I am talking to YOU.

I should also mention I need to raise some money for my trip to New Orleans and Pittsburgh. So many of you have requested I attend the Common Cause meeting I had my plane ticket changed so I fly directly to Pittsburgh on the 25th -- then home on Saturday the 29th.

I need to raise an additional $500 to cover my plane ticket changes and rent-a-car in NO. I will update how much I have raised each night at 10pm est. Thank you in advance for all of your help. You can also buy DVD's to help defray my cost. Each video on Anglican TV can be obtained as a DVD.

You can donate my sending a check to:
PO Box 535
Thomaston, CT 06787

Or send paypal money to

Or click a subscription button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

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