Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Schoolboy denied bus pass, because he wasn't baptised

From the Sunderland Echo (U.K.):

A boy has been refused a bus pass to get to his new secondary school because he is not a baptised Roman Catholic.

The parents of Elliott Stewart, 11, from Brasside, Durham, have condemned the decision by Durham County Council saying their son is being discriminated against.

Education bosses say the rules were drawn up in consultation with the Roman Catholic Diocese and have been in place for many years.

Elliott's father, Stephen, is a baptised Roman Catholic, but his mother, Treena, is an Anglican and had intended to let Elliott make up his own mind about his faith in the coming years.

She was delighted to secure a place for him at the high-performing St Leonard's RC Comprehensive which also kept him with many of his friends from St Godric's RC Primary School which he left in July.

Elliott does not qualify for a bus pass on locality grounds because his parents rejected the chance for him to go to Framwellgate School, Durham, which is much nearer their home. . .

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