Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Syracuse Congregation, Bishop Reach Separation Terms

From the Living Church:

The congregation of the Free Church of St. Andrew’s in the Valley, Syracuse, N.Y., will not “invite or permit” any Anglican bishop to perform any episcopal functions at its regular place of worship for at least the next six months after reaching a court-approved settlement Aug. 28 with the Diocese of Central New York.

The agreement permits the former Episcopal congregation to continue worshiping in its current building without charge while the parish leadership attempts to locate another worship site. The lease may be extended on a month-to-month basis at the court’s discretion for an additional six months if the congregation is unsuccessful finding another location after making a good-faith effort. Under terms of the agreement approved by state Supreme Court Justice James Murphy, the congregation of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church will be dissolved once a new location is obtained.

“We are satisfied with the terms,” the Rev. Robert Hackendorf, rector, told a reporter from The Living Church. “We never wanted this to be decided by a court and this facility is no longer adequate to our needs anyway.”

In July 2006 the diocese sued the leadership of St. Andrew’s after it declared itself under the spiritual authority of the Archbishop of Rwanda and called Fr. Hackendorf, who was not licensed to officiate, as rector. . .

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