Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trinity Prep School play moves to Orlando Repertory Theatre

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Trinity Preparatory School's production of La Cage aux Folles will be performed off campus at a local theatre this weekend, billed as an independent show with no ties to the Episcopal school.

Headmaster Craig Maughan announced the decision in press release this morning. There will be four performances of the musical at the Orlando Repertory Theatre.

The production was to open last weekend at the private school near Winter Park but was cancelled at the request of Bishop John Howe, head of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. Howe, a leader among the nation's conservative Episcopal bishops, thought the comedy featuring a gay couple and actors dressed in drag was inappropriate for a Christian school.

"We regret the scheduling of this performance has been interpreted as a departure from our 40-year history as an Episcopal school," Maughan said in his statement Thursday. "The students who worked hard to prepare for this play had neither a political nor social agenda."

But the artistic director sure did!
The decision to cancel the show -- a culmination of Trinity Prep's summer theatre program -- angered some students, parents and alumni who questioned why Howe should dictate shows at the independent school. They also said the award-winning musical, which opened on Broadway in 1983, promoted tolerance and family values, even if not of the traditional sort.

So will the school be disaffiliating itself from the Episcopal Church? Or will they continue to receive whatever benefits they might get from that association while ignoring their bishop?

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