Sunday, September 02, 2007

Uganda open-air consecration attended by thousands

From Anglican Mainstream via the BBC and Reuters:

Uganda’s Anglican Church has appointed a bishop to serve in the US, against the wishes of the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church’s US arm. It is the latest in a series of interventions by African Churches following the US decision to appoint an openly gay bishop in 2003.

Correspondents say the move is expected to bring closer the fragmentation of the worldwide Anglican communion. It ignores pleas from Anglican leaders to preserve unity. But the thriving Ugandan Church says it is defending orthodox Christianity. . .

. . . Orombi spokeswoman Alison Barfoot said the archbishop had called Guernsey to lead 33 congregations in the United States that will recognise the Church of Uganda’s authority.

He’s an ecclesiastical refugee,” she told Reuters by telephone from the ceremony, referring to Guernsey. “We thought the crisis in the Anglican Church would be resolved by now. We expected the Episcopal Church to repent … but they have prolonged the crisis.” . . .

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