Friday, October 12, 2007

Captain Yips: Shaping the future

From Captain Yips Secret Journal [boldface mine]:

. . . But as the autumn rolls along, TEC becomes ever more a parody of itself: from the diocese of Northern Michigan’s muddled response to the Dar Es Salaam requests, through Whirlng with Sufis and the latest Hip Hop mass, to this advice on how to demolish Anglican Liturgy (I particularly relish his distaste for anything complicated and aversion to the Virgin Birth)(a tug o’ the forelock to BabyBlue), opportunities for outraged comment multiply daily. Outraged comment is no longer very interesting, nor productive. All of these events are natural outcomes of trends and traits long established in western culture, American culture particularly. Succinctly, is “religion” an artifact that we construct for ourselves, or is Christianity a part of a rescue operation on our behalf? . . .

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H/t to Judith L.

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