Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sad news about two San Diego Anglican church plants


Some sad news to report tonight about two of our smaller San Diego Anglican congregations. Temecula Valley Anglican Fellowship, a church plant of St. John's Anglican Church in Fallbrook, has decided to close its doors and consider a new approach to location and ministry emphasis. Fr. Don Kroeger, Rector of St. John's Fallbrook, says that ministry team will be consolidating efforts and looking at ministry opportunities with Anglican youth in the area. We wish them well and look forward to things to come.

Similarly, Holy Family Anglican Fellowship in Vista, a church plant of St. Anne's in Oceanside and shepherded by the Rev Joe Reese will be joining back up with St. Anne's. Fr. Joe, who has been ministering at both St. Annes and Holy Family, says the decision was a difficult one, but prayerfully made and Spirit led.

Both of these events underscore the entrepreneurial times we live in as Anglicans faced with the challenges of setting up and expanding ministries this side of Jordan. Economists call this kind of thing "creative destruction." It's the stuff of life. Much is initiated, only some of it ever takes root. We pray that God continues to lead and bless those who gave of their time and resources to get these fellowships started. You have all learned a great deal. Bigger and better things are ahead.

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