Saturday, February 23, 2008

Anglican coverage in Canada

If you're interested in what's going on to the north of us, check out the WebElf Canada website. From Michael Daley:

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for the incredible prayer and other support that you have given us over the past week.

LambethConference.Net/Canada was started just one week ago as a result of what I saw as an overwhelming lack of established bloggers that were covering the situation in the Anglican Church of Canada, and your response has been overwhelming. By providing you - the Canadian reader - with a voice that is heard around the world, we hope to effect a change in how bishops at the Lambeth Conference perceive Canada. That is, that contrary to what the national church is saying, all is not well.

To do that - in conjunction with our parent blog (LambethConference.Net) - we need your prayerful cover and support. But it doesn’t stop there. Making your voice heard on this blog is equally as important both in encouraging us to carry on and showing the world that this church is not just dealing with a 'small, ultra-conservative’ group.

All this costs money, of course. Trips to various churches to cover their Sunday services when the diocese shows up - again, to be sure both sides are seen and heard - costs money and time. So will our trip to Lambeth, where we will be stationed with the rest of the press feeding you back up-to-the-minute information about the goings-on at Lambeth.

With years of experience in the blogging and press world (I ran the General Convention 2006 CaNNet blog, while there working with the Anglican Communion Network press team), we hope to do all this with excellence, humility, charity and truth.

Would we like to attend GAFCON for you, too? Well, yes. But right now, our sights and financial goals are set on three things:

1. Keeping this blog online ($50/mo), with the gracious help of our brother Greg Griffith at Stand Firm and our sister Kate Sanderson, who has just joined us a writer.
2. Having a stable of finances from which to draw to travel to churches within Ontario and hopefully across Canada to cover events as they unfold.
3. Raising enough financial support to get our cameras and audio devices to Lambeth.
None of this is possible without your support.

Please, would you consider partnering with us both in prayer and financially? One-off donations are very helpful - in any amount. As are monthly giving plans. We’ll have the facility set up to allow for monthly giving shortly, but for now we are only asking for one-off donations to get us through the next month.

At present, we need just over $200 to cover our expenses at Oakville and Milton, this weekend.

I’ll be posting frequent updates on our financial status, including a donation thermometer, shortly. But for now there is a real and immediate need.

Please, would you consider a gift at this time? On our sidebar is a SECURE PayPal transaction processor that does not require a PayPal account to use.

Pax Christi,

Michael Daley for LC.Net and LC.Net/Canada

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