Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Historic Anglimergent gathering in Minneapolis

Now there's a catchy phrase: Anglimergent. From emergent village:

Last week, there was a historic Anglimergent gathering at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, featuring 18 people, described by Phyllis Tickle as a mixture of “emergent Christians and more than half of whom were Anglican types.”

Dixon Kinser described the meeting as “a ‘think tank’ trying to figure out weather Anglicanism can emerge through our post-modern context.” During the two days of meetings, Rev. Fred Burnham spoke about network theory and “the new science’s contribution toward alternative polity structures,” which Dixon described as “mind bending.”

But it was Phyllis Tickle’s presentation on “The Great Emergence” that was apparently mind blowing. [ed: see my earlier posting on Phyllis Tickle here] According to Dixon, Tickle shared that her thesis of emergence every 500 years has been presented to Jewish and Islamic groups who have noted that the same pattern exists in their own histories (“for the Jews, the rabbis went from the fall of the temple, to the Babylonian exile, back to the Judges, back to Abraham, she said, really amazing”).

Discussing the Anglimergent meetings on her Beliefnet Lenten blog, Tickle wrote, “As meetings go, this one was important … pivotal even, I suspect. ... There have not yet been many meetings like the one in Minneapolis. Without a doubt, there will be many, many more, and very shortly.”

Holly Rankin Zaher said the gathering was “one of the most encouraging, hope-filled conversations I’ve had about the episcopal church in a long, long time.”

To learn more about the growing Anglimergent network, visit [ed: the website lists as Bishop Protector, The Right Reverend Gregory H. Rickel, Diocese of Olympia]

UPDATE 2/24/2008: Karen Ward, the urban Abbess/Vicar at Church of the Apostles in Seattle and one of two Anglicans on the board of directors for Emergent Village, has weighed in on the Anglimergent gathering: ”’Anglimergent activity’ has now officially ‘begun’ in TEC with the meeting of Anglican emerging leaders (in the Episcopal Church) in Minneapolis recently. I was glad to be part of this (with me still being an ‘undocumented’ Anglican leader). It gives me hope for the future/present of this church that I love. I’m fully engaged in re-imagining the Anglican way of being Christian, and I’m amazed by how deeply this tradition (when freed from modern strictures) resonates with the souls of post-moderns.

“The freeing of Anglican tradition from the modern strictures part is the crux. The modern Anglican matrix is strong, but I ‘m hopeful our little Nebuchadnezzar flight crew can navigate this matrix and deliver a payload of hope into Gen Con 2009.”. . .

Read it all, and also my earlier posting on Phyllis Tickle.

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