Tuesday, March 18, 2008

David Trimble: Commentary on last week's HOB vote

From Still on Patrol, a synopsis of the current state of The Episcopal Church (one which I agree with completely):

. . . With TEC, while it appears that PB Scori and her allies in the HOB will end up with total control of the entity known as TEC, what will they have won? Membership, attendance and giving are declining at an alarming rate. Parishes are closing and properties are being sold. If TEC wins its litigation over departing parishes (and Diocesan) property, it will be left with a very nice collection of mostly empty buildings with no means of support. TEC is also rapidly losing what little credibility it has among other religious denominations. These events are not taking place in a vacuum. Religious leaders of all stripes have been watching TEC and more than a few have commented on the situation, most of them unfavorable. TEC's standing at any ecumenical table has been immeasurably diminished. The historical significance of the Anglican faiths in the history of America has been left in tatters.

"Agenda, Agenda Uber Alles." Not for this poor, dumb country boy.

Read it all.

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