Monday, March 31, 2008

Is 815 going to ask for canons to intervene in conservative dioceses way before they leave?

From Brad Drell:

From the Living Church:
Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori made it clear Friday night that she will direct The Episcopal Church to move ahead to reconstitute the Diocese of San Joaquin and to establish control over church property swiftly. In addition, she said, she intends to begin the process of revising the denomination’s canons to allow it to deal more expeditiously with breakaway bishops.

“I expect to see revisions to the canons to deal with situations like the one that you have been living with in San Joaquin for several years,” she said.

It is the “for several years” part that has me mighty worried. So, women’s ordination becomes mandatory, as does non-celibate gay ordination as they are arguing about the Bishop of North Dakota, same sex unions become mandatory, etc.

Western Louisiana, it is time to pack our bags or surrender to the Borg. . .

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