Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Robbo: Gratuitous swimming the Tiber posting

From Robbo at The Llama Butchers:

It suddenly dawned on me this morning that today was the last time I'd ever participate in an Episcopal Communion. Whoa.

I've been doubling up on Sunday services for some time now, going with the family for the nine o'clock at my old church, and meanwhile attending Mass on my own either before or after. I must say that it works out quite well, and I really haven't felt this arrangement to be at all burdensome.

For the most part, I've been hitting the 7:30 Mass. Advantages: there are no kids, so one can actually concentrate. Disadvantages: no musick, and I'm usually the youngest one in the congregation by about sixty years. But when the middle Llama-ette's youth choir is performing at her service, I have to get her there a bit early, which means I have to wait until later to get to Mass. In that case, I've been going to the 10:30. Advantages: musick and hymns, and one doesn't have the sense of being hustled through. Disadvantages: a sea of small and very loud children. I had a pair in front of me this morning who got progressively noisier and more squirmy to the point where I found myself meditating strangling one or both with my palm frond.

I haven't really decided what to do about this, if anything. I may just continue to flip back and forth as the mood and circumstances dictate. Another possibility is skipping both the 7:30 and the 10:30, sticking around at my old church for social hour and then catching the noon Latin Mass. The option of attending the early Saturday evening service has no appeal to me whatever. . .

And from the comments, some telling responses (but don't forget, All is Well™ and We are Growing™):
At least you have your pick; Husband and I are still so shell shocked over the mess at the church we just left that we're spending Sunday mornings curled up in fear of looking for a new church.

And I just wail away to my worship CD's.

Posted by: GroovyVic at March 16, 2008 03:35 PM

I just recently heard that what GrovyVic describes is called "Bedside Assembly". When a friend who's chosen to leave TEC said that's where they tried that week, I asked where it was, as I hadn't heard of it...then got the full definition. Felt every blonde hair I have. ;-)

While we don't feel swimming the Tiber is a sport we would enjoy, we find we are watching the Mass on TV more.

Posted by: JB in Florida at March 16, 2008 05:19 PM

Read it all.


Robbo the Llama Butcher said...

Anne -

Thankee kindly for the link - always nice to see new faces!

As for swimming the Tiber, I had First Confession this afternoon, followed by some time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Plainchant and incence, profound interior awe and silence with rain pattering against the stained glass. Not to violently mix cultural references, but as Will Smith says, "Now that's what I'm talking 'bout."

And if I may say so, not a cow in sight!

Yip! Yip!

Anne Coletta said...

Sounds great! I've been looking in on your blog for a year or so and have been very interested in your journey from ECUSA to the Roman church. As one who is still in ECUSA (for now), but under ever increasing discernment, I appreciate your journey - thanks for sharing it.