Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shoe Thursday: The Crocs edition

It took me this long to recover from the fact that I now have family members who own Crocs.

As I mentioned in one of my posts on the San Diego diocesan convention, while I was inside in meetings, the rest of my family was enjoying the Tour de Palm Springs bike ride and buying Crocs, those in the classic style (although, thank goodness, not in this color!).
CrocsNow, my understanding is that one either loves Crocs or hates them. Never having worn them myself, I can only follow "the master," the Manolo, who puts Crocs in his Gallery of Horrors. Quoted in the Baltimore Sun, he says:

“The Croc-wearers walk about as if they have discovered something special in the unsightly combination of plastic clogs and foot sweat,” Manolo tells The Sun. He attributes their popularity to “the self-destructive cult of comfort.”

“Like sweatpants and mullets,” he says, “they appeal to that demographic which feels most comfortable only in their La-Z-Boys, buffalo wing in hand, or in the NASCAR aisles of their local Wal-Mart. In other words, the Crocs are 21st century peasant shoes … ugly, roomy, cheap and useful for standing knee-deep in pig manure.”

And if you want to know what he really thinks, there's this:
These they are indeed the shoes of a hypothetical distopian future, one in which the inmates they must be dressed in the footwear least likely to be useful in the popular uprising against the regime.

Yes, the defenders of the Crocs they will speak, as the defenders of the ugly often do, of the great comfort of this "shoe". Manolo asks you, why must the "comfort" always be the war cry of those who would lead us into the bad shoes?

Manolo says, comfort and style they are not incompatible, one does not obviate the other.

Finally, the defenders of the Crocs they will tell you that the Crocs they cost only $35, which seems cheap, until one realizes that they are manufactured out of the plastic rings used to hold the packs of six. Not the good value at half the price.

Although, as someone who has worn these clogs for about nine years,
Dansko Professional clogsI guess I have nothing to complain about - if you like Crocs and find them comfortable, have at it!

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