Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vanity and vexation of spirit

From Mark McCall's comment at Stand Firm, an apt picture of the current ECUSA crisis [boldface mine] :

My sense last night when no coherent general statement came out of the HOB was that it was a body in disarray. They had just been rebuffed by the ABC on Gene Robinson, had one diocese leave, two others vote to leave, picked on two 80-year old bishops with personal crises, deposed a sitting diocesan and had nine bishops leave the church in the last year. ECUSA appears to be an institution in meltdown and all they could come up with were two short statements that manifested episcopal dementia rather than communication.

That sense of disarray is confirmed by this puzzling report. A number of us have argued ad nauseam that Duncan could not be deposed without first being inhibited with the consent of the three senior bishops. It has been clear, however, that 815 was going to proceed otherwise and depose without inhibition. . .

Reading between the lines of the gibberish that came out of this meeting one senses a body in which the wheels have come off.

Read it all, and check out Stand Firm's exclusive on "Presiding Bishop plans to try Bishop Duncan before the Lambeth Conference." Things are heating up!

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