Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AnglicanTV update and challenge!

More info on fundraising for GAFCON from Kevin at AnglicanTV:

The plane tickets have gone up $200 dollars in two days. At this current rate of fund raising I will not be able to attend GAFCON. I am looking for ideas -- perhaps your church, ministry, or business would like to advertise on AnglicaTV or your church may have unused missionary money they would like to donate to AnglicanTV. Please forward your own ideas to anglicantv@gmail.com. . .

And from the comments:
I would like to challenge other clergymen and members of CANA and Common Cause to match or exceed my $100.00 contribution to enable Kevin to get to GAFCON. We can all talk the talk, words are cheap!

# Posted By Rev'd Richard M. Bruton 4/22/08 5:56 PM

Check it out, and take the challenge!

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