Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Angry journalists vent their frustrations to the world

From Breitbart.com:

They're angry at their demanding editors. They're angry about the mushrooming workload in shrinking newsrooms. They're even angry about other angry journalists.

But these angry journalists are happy they can now vent their frustrations to the rest of the world, courtesy of angryjournalist.com, a sort of online complaint board allowing ink-stained wretches to gripe anonymously.

Ironically, their anger is partly fueled by the Internet, which has forced newspapers and television networks to reinvent themselves with painful consequences for their staffs.

There's the veterans complaining about newsrooms stretched thin by executives requiring reporters to produce stories for old and new media.

"I'm angry because my company, just like the rest of the industry, wants me to do more with less. They've said, 'To hell with quality. Let's just fill the website with as much (expletive) as possible,'" gripes Angry Journalist #241.

There's also the young guns frustrated by the culture clash.

"I hate the fact that print and online can't work together! Come on, online is the future, so please have some respect for the webeditors!" says Angry Journalist #700.

The website contains gripes ranging from existential musings about one's career to expletive-laced diatribes that trigger heated exchanges.

Angry Journalist #2559 seems to think that his or her newspaper serves for other purposes than informing readers: "Whatever I write ulimately (sic) either ends up as cage lining or as blankets for bums."

As one would expect at any other job, bosses get the brunt of the gripes.

"Our executive editor, the man who's supposed to be leading our newsroom, wanders around the building like he forgot where he left his coffee cup," writes Angry Journalist #2570. . .

Wonder if it's a no whining, no freak-out zone? Read it all.

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