Friday, April 25, 2008

Dioceses of Eau Claire and Fond du Lac to explore ‘junctioning’

From the Living Church [boldface mine]:

Two Wisconsin dioceses are in conversation about sharing a single bishop, according to Bishop Russell Jacobus of Fond du Lac, who reports in his monthly newspaper column that the Eau Claire standing committee had invited him to serve as an assisting bishop.

“Several times in the past 14 years we have had conversations with the dioceses of Wisconsin about becoming one diocese,” Bishop Jacobus wrote. “These conversations never progressed very far. In the past months, representatives of Fond du Lac and Eau Claire have met to discuss the possibility of our two dioceses coming together (called ‘junctioning’). One result of this discussion was planning a joint conference on mission and evangelism. These conversations continue, especially now that Eau Claire is without a diocesan bishop. All of these conversations are broad in scope. No decision has been made. Should the concept of junctioning the two dioceses have clear mission benefits, we will certainly have discussion with the people of both dioceses.”

In March, Bishop Keith Whitmore of Eau Claire resigned and accepted an invitation to become an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Atlanta. With 23 congregations and less than 2,000 communicants, Eau Claire is one of The Episcopal Church’s smallest dioceses. . .

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