Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Episcopal diocese reorganizes in Lodi, might allow gay priests

From the Lodi News-Sentinel:

Pledging unity and inclusiveness to all of God's people, the Episcopal Church's San Joaquin Diocese elected Jerry Lamb as provisional bishop at a special convention Saturday before a crowd of about 300 at St. John's Episcopal Church in Lodi.

Lamb replaces John-David Schofield, the controversial conservative bishop who was deposed on March 12 by national church leaders, who ruled that he had "abandoned" his post as bishop. Due to a disagreement in biblical interpretation of homosexuality, Schofield took the diocese out of Episcopal Church USA and moved to the more conservative Southern Cone province of the Anglican Church based in Argentina. . .

The change in leadership means that St. John's, who is looking for a priest to replace Father Rick Matters, who left the Lodi parish in May 2007 for a church in Carmel, has the flexibility for the first time to appoint a woman as its priest.

In addition to opposing gays as priests and bishops in the Episcopal Church, Schofield forbid women from serving as priests in his diocese. Lamb supports woman priests. As for gays entering the priesthood, it will be a conversation that clergy and church members will need to have before a decision is made, Lamb said.

"At least these for these people in the diocese, we can talk about it," said John Ledbetter, senior warden at St. John's. "At least we can have an intelligent adult conversation.".
. .

Of course, the paper's headline is not reflective of the article at all, but I guess the Lodi News-Sentinel is trying to grab reader interest, unfortunately. Read it all.

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the snarkster said...

Might allow gay priests? Heh.......
You can bet your sweet bippy they are scouring the country looking for a gay priest they can install at the very first opportunity.

the snarkster