Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey, we could have fun with this! 'Ubuntu': Logo design contest seeks to convey General Convention theme

From EpiscopalLife Online:

Requesting entries by June 30, organizers have launched a church-wide contest for logo designs conveying the 2009 General Convention theme of "ubuntu" (pronounced oo-boon-too), a Zulu or Xhosa word that describes humaneness encompassing a sense of caring, sharing and being in harmony with all of creation. . .

Sponsored by General Convention's Joint Standing Commission on Planning and Arrangements, the contest offers a $5,000 first-prize contribution to an organization addressing one or more of the Millennium Development Goals [but of course]. Contest rules are here.

Read it all, and start cogitating!

1 comment:

David Turney said...

Ubuntu's already taken.

This is so strange why they branded their GenCon after a fairly well-known, open-source computer operating system.

By 2009, everyone in the world will know what Ubuntu is and will be wondering what the Episcopal Church has to do with it.

Very confusing. 'Like naming your meeting "Linux" or ""