Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The MCJ: Taking off the gloves

From Christopher Johnson at the Midwest Conservative Journal:

Whine all you care to, Jake. That won't change the fact that Mrs. Schori was busted and you know it. The people who claim to believe that the Episcopal Organization's canons must be obeyed above everything else on earth and in heaven will quite happily use the canons as so much toilet paper when the need arises.

Thing was, all you had to do was admit that Living Church had a point. All you had to say was, "Let's try this again and get it right." You know, just like many on the Episcopal left urged South Carolina to do the first time it elected Mark Lawrence as its bishop and Mrs. Schori was more of a canonical fundamentalist than she is now.

But you had to have your trophy. In this case, an 86-year-old man whose wife has Alzheimer's. So Mrs. Schori and her sycophants not only look like bullies, they look like particularly sadistic bullies. Guess you can’t make a universalist omelet without breaking a few orthodox eggs.

I wonder if Episcopalians realize what a sick joke their "church" has become. James Pike was allowed to deny the Christian faith without sanction. John Shelby Spong was never deposed even though he is not a Christian. But an old man who has never denied the Faith MUST NOT cross a line drawn by the Episcopal Organization without suffering the most severe penalty TEO can impose.

Absolutely disgraceful.

Preach it, brother!

Read it all.

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Matthew said...

That Chris, what a whacky guy!