Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prayer request: Fire at Uganda Anglican girls school

From the Anglican Communion Network:

Bishop Robert Duncan requests prayers for the Anglican Province of Uganda. He received word this morning that there was a fire last night at the Buddo Girls’ School in Kampala where 19 girls and two adults died. The fire appears to have been deliberately set. Mama Phoebe (wife of Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi) is presently in Virginia. They will be leaving tonight from D.C. with a 12 hour layover in London. Please pray for the families of the victims, for Mama Phoebe and the Rev. Helen, for Archbishop Henry and for all those involved.

A number of Anglican Communion Network parishes, under the care of Bishop John Guernsey, are members of the Anglican Church in the Province of Uganda.

H/t to Prayer for Common Cause.


peggy said...

Oh no! This is the first that I have heard of it. Why it isnt bigger news I don't know. Please keep us updated, esp. if there is anyway we can help.

Anne Coletta said...

Peggy - I've added a post listing additional news sources on this story.