Monday, April 07, 2008

San Diego: An EpiscopalLife Online press release

More on San Diego from EpiscopalLife Online - and, you have to admit if you read this whole report, that this is really a press release, not a news report.

Here are some of the adjectives used to report the events, relay reaction to the presiding bishop, and describe her own persona:

  • Bishop Mathes beamed with pride

  • Her humility revealed itself in many moments throughout her visit

  • The calm, intelligent way she handled the questions touched the audience.

  • Jefferts Schori said thoughtfully

  • Jefferts Schori's preaching was concise, thought-provoking and ended with a haunting question

  • After the service, parishioners commented on her insightful message
Think there's any damage control going on here? Huummmm. . . .

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