Sunday, April 06, 2008


Hey, check these out!
Woman's cap sleeve t-shirt, Billy Ockham
Talk about a collaborative effort. A timeline of events:

  • Hills of the North posts "Blinking at reality" on Judge Bellows's decision re CANA and the Diocese of Virginia, highlighting one of the judge's most appropriate phrases [boldface mine]:
    [Bellows] said "it blinks at reality to characterize the ongoing division within the Diocese, ECUSA, and the Anglican Communion as anything but a division of the first magnitude."

    "Blinking at reality" is perhaps the best expression that anyone's used to describe the mendacity of Episcopal Church leaders. First, it confirms there is a reality that exists--not just some pluriform truth that is nothing more than a function of clever word use and dictated perception by whomever is in power. Second, it suggests the reality is one that the Episcopal Church well knows--since a blink is but an interruption of sight, and a very brief one that rarely distorts perception. Finally, although a blink can be voluntary or involuntary (i.e., an attempt not to see or a conditioned reflex of closing one's eyes), it neither changes reality nor precludes one from truthfully reporting that reality. In short, one who blinks at reality is one who lies without any excuse.

  • So, of course, this great post is linked to on Stand Firm.

  • And in the comments, AnnieCOA says,
    "TEC: Blinking at Reality"
    Somebody better be making the T-Shirts! Profits could go to the ADV Defense Fund.

  • To which Billy Ockham (also known as mousestalker) replies
    Check ‘em out! Any profits will go to the ADV fund.
And a t-shirt (and boxers, mugs, and magnets) is born! My favorite - the maternity t-shirt. We know this must be a "reasserter" site, since "reappraising" Episcopalians prefer to leave the business of propagation to others.

The power of communication. Go, buy, enjoy!


Annie said...

Of course I am thrilled! At the behest of my boss, I have just placed an order for our Vestry members who were named originally as co-defendants!

Thanks for the plug.

Church of the Apostles
Fairfax, VA

Anne Coletta said...

I wish I could say the same about ordering for our vestry members, but we're not there yet! (and probably never will be, but that's another story)