Tuesday, April 01, 2008

U.S. megachurch pastor supports Ugandan bishops' Lambeth boycott

From The Christian Post:

Popular American pastor Rick Warren said recently that he supports the decision made by Ugandan bishops to boycott the landmark Anglican conference to be held later this year in England.

Warren, who was in Uganda last week to launch the country’s first national Purpose Driven Living program, expressed his support last Thursday shortly after arriving in the country.

The influential pastor praised the Ugandan bishops who came across to him as “godly men who believe in the authority of Scripture, love Christ with all their hearts, and have a passion for taking the Good News to the entire world,” according to an email sent to The Christian [P]ost confirming Warren’s support.

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, the archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda and bishop of Kampala, announced Uganda’s boycott of the Lambeth Conference in February. . .

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