Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why I left the Episcopal Church by Dr Moheb Ghali

From Anglican Mainstream [boldface mine]:

Dr. Moheb Ghali

Occasionally I am asked why I found it necessary, after four decades of committed service, to leave the Episcopal Church. My answer is: I had to choose whom to believe. On many issues central to my faith what Jesus and the Apostles say and what the leaders of the Episcopal Church say are incompatible. I chose to believe in what Jesus and the Apostles say, and that made it necessary to leave the Episcopal Church.

What more needs to be said? I agree with Dr. Ghali completely.
The Bishops of the Church, who are the Ecclesiastical Authorities in their dioceses, the successors to the Apostles and the guardians of faith, speak for the Church on matters of faith and doctrine (see: examination of Bishop-elect at Consecration on authority to interpret the Gospel; Canon 12.3(b) on authority to issue pastoral letters on points of doctrine, discipline or worship; Lambeth 1948 on the locus of the dispersed authority being the episcopate; and Archbishop of Canterbury’s October 14, 2007 letter to Bishop Howe on the organ of union with the wider Church being the Bishop and the Diocese). Their public statements interpreting the Gospel and doctrine, unless repudiated by Church councils, may be taken as representing the Church’s positions. In what follows I compare examples of the positions expressed by Episcopal Bishops, theologians and other Church leaders on ten issues, positions that have not been repudiated by councils of the Episcopal Church, with the positions found in Scripture. I use statements by Presiding Bishops, both current and former, with greater frequency as I consider the public views of the presiding officer of the House of Bishops to be representatives of views of the majority of its members. . .

Read it all and read it well.

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