Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AnglicanTV interview with Archbishop Henry Orombi, Uganda

From AnglicanTV, my interview with Archbishop Henry Orombi:

[Okay, I did a really silly thing which you will hear at the beginning of this interview. I started off by asking Archbishop Orombi about the Buddo Girls School fire that happened in April and the ongoing recovery efforts.

About twenty seconds into his answer, I realized that I had forgotten to turn the camera on, so the interview starts with him somewhat in the middle of his answer. (Mea culpa, but since I am camera crew, interviewer, and producer all in one, there is no one besides myself to fire, and I decided the most appropriate censure for this lapse is a stern warning not to let this happen again – so consider me warned!)]

So, here is my interview with the Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of the Province of Uganda, for AnglicanTV, held Monday, May 19, 2008, at St. James Anglican, Newport Beach, California. It runs about 30 minutes.

Areas covered:
  • An update on the Buddo Girls School fire and recovery

  • Anglican Men's Retreat (an annual event, held this past weekend in southern California)

  • Moses, Joshua, and Caleb

  • Thoughts on Bishop Bob Duncan, Diocese of Pittsburgh

  • The Dar-Es-Salaam Communiqué Sept. 30 deadline

  • Lambeth 2008


  • The Anglican Covenant

  • The recent exchange of letters with the Presiding Bishop on his visit to Savannah

  • Rick Warren and his gift of networking

  • Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury

  • A message for the American orthodox

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