Thursday, May 29, 2008

C. S. Lewis and the Crisis

From Captain Yips Secret Journal:

. . . Killing the monster in one of its human forms was not murder; and breaking fellowship with those who use Christian forms but have completely different goals is not schism. It’s no more than a self-protective immune response (to mix my metaphors up completely). The process of separation is going to be risky, chaotic, and unpleasant. The notion that a safe place for Anglican conservatives can be carved out of this decaying body is naive. The monster’s goal is to absorb. The only protection is a firewall so complete as to be the same thing as separation.

But what opportunities exist! I have long wondered if one of the reasons that C. S. Lewis has been so powerful a Christian advocate is that his own journey meant that he had to reconstruct the entire edifice of Christian thought from the basement to the spire. He had the mind and the learning to do that, and to become a beacon in the darkness for many. The survival of North American Anglican Christianity will require a degree of rediscovery of what “Anglican” means. In my reading and study over the last several years I’ve found a far more vigorous, even formidable, form of Christianity than the feeble thing the EO has become. . .

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