Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Central Florida: Trinity Church reaches agreement with the diocese

From Stand Firm:

Mediation Settlement Agreement
April 22, 2008

On April 22, 2008, representatives of the two contingents at Trinity Episcopal Church met all day with Mediator John Upchurch, and came to the following agreement:

1.Those among the congregation who desire to disaffiliate from The Episcopal Church (Leavers) will leave the historic Trinity property by 7/1/08.

2. Those remaining (Stayers) shall cause the sum of $700,000 to be paid to the Leavers with $200,000 being paid in cash upon departure and the remainder being paid in $50,000 monthly installments. All payments under this paragraph are hereby guaranteed by the Diocese.

3. The parties agree that they will not initiate any contact with any parishioner who to date has not indicated whether he or she wishes to remain with Trinity or disaffiliate therefrom for the purpose of soliciting them to stay or leave.

4. The parties shall issue no media releases concerning the disaffiliation except what counsel for the Leavers and Stayers agree upon.

5. The Stayers shall not initiate contact of any kind with current Trinity employees, other than those who manifest their intent in writing to remain employed by Trinity after the Leavers leave. A meeting, to be presided over by counsel for Leavers and Stayers, will be scheduled as soon as practicable for the parties to address the staff and answer questions regarding employment.

6. Stayers will not interfere with the ministries and operations of Trinity prior to departure of Leavers.

7. Leavers shall have sole operational authority without interference until the point of departure. The Rector will work in good faith to arrange training and transition for employees of Stayers pending departure.

8. The Bishop or his designee (other than a person affiliated with the Leavers or the Stayers) may conduct any financial review as the Diocese might require to assure the integrity of the assets and accounts of Trinity Church.

9. The Leavers may take the Bell Carillon with them at their own cost for the removal and delivery, subject to the approval of the donor(s).

10. Should Stayers or their successors desire to sell, transfer, lease, or otherwise convey interest in the historic Trinity property, Leavers shall have the right of first offer. Leavers shall have 30 days to accept such offer. If not accepted, Stayers shall have the right to offer the property on the same terms for up to 6 months. If the Stayers desire to modify the terms, the right of first offer commences again. This term shall terminate 10 years from the date of this agreement.

11. Worship services and other ministries shall continue on the historic Trinity property as currently performed through date of departure.

12. Parties agree to waive any rights to any and all lawsuits against any and all parties, except for those concerning enforcement of this agreement. . .

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