Friday, May 30, 2008

Episcopal Diocese of San Diego: Task force to study holiness in relationships

Okay, here's a little stone bridge in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego that is almost gone, but worth defending if anyone is interested in submitting their name for this task force (this resolution was passed at the most recent diocesan convention in February of this year):

Task Force to Study Holiness in Relationships

If you are interested, you may submit your name to be considered for the Bishop's task force to study holiness in relationships. Please email Bobbi Hoff, Executive Assistant to the Bishop:

Title: A Resolution Urging the Bishop to Form a Task Force to Study Holiness in Relationships and Blessings in Churches of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

Be It Resolved that the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego is urged to appoint a theologically diverse Task Force of clergy and lay people reflective of the Diocese, to study Holiness in Relationships and Blessings in Churches of this Diocese from the perspectives of holy scripture, church history and tradition; practical, pastoral and sacramental theology; and the movement of the Holy Spirit; and then prepare an academic paper on the subject to be presented to the 2009 Convention of the Diocese of San Diego, with additional recommendations as that Task Force might deem appropriate.
Be it Further Resolved, in advance of the presentation at convention, workshops be promoted throughout the diocese to engage congregations in this work and mission.

Whereas much of the conflict in the Episcopal Church concerns the issue of holiness in relationships, and
Whereas the Order for Marriage found in the Book of Common Prayer states that Christian marriage is between a man and a woman, and
Whereas, there are persons in the Episcopal Church (gay and lesbian, seniors and others constrained by financial concerns) who are in committed, monogamous relationships who wish to have their relationships blessed in the church by a clergy person, and
Whereas there are persons in the church, who because of their understanding of scripture and what constitutes a faithful life are opposed to such blessings occurring in the church, and
Whereas liturgical practices surrounding the blessing of unions are not consistent throughout the greater church, and
Whereas the House of Bishops in their September 25, 2007 response to “questions and concerns raised by our Anglican Communion partners,” noted that the 1998 Lambeth Conference called on provinces of the Anglican Communion to engage in a “listening process” designed to bring all Anglicans fully into the Church’s conversation about human sexuality and holy relationships, and
Whereas engaging in such a listening process is a fundamental step before engaging in any action on the matter.

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JamesW. said...


While you are at it, from the Diocese of Northern California:

From the Rt. Rev. Barry L. Beisner

Dear Friends in Christ:

Grace and peace!

Please do not think that, because I chose not to make a statement immediately after the Supreme Court decision on marriage for same-sex partners (or a statement that same week on the Farm Bill, or on the Governor’s budget proposals) that I don’t find such matters to be extremely important, or have thoughts to share. What I have done is send a letter today to all clergy, which I hope will clarify our situation in Northern California regarding that decision. (It will be posted on the website, at week’s end.)

What I didn’t say in the letter is that I have spoken with the head of our General Convention Deputation, Cookie Clark, and that with her I will be forming a diocesan study group on same-sex blessings. (Issues of the nature of Christian marriage, and the relationship of Church and State with regard to marriage, will be explored as well.) This group will not be expected to make a report to Diocesan Convention, or present me with a proposal for action. Rather, I see this group as doing the work we all need to be doing, in order to prepare for the debate which our Convention has asked to have happen next summer in Anaheim. I hope that, by doing that work, they will become a resource for all of us.

I already have some stellar recruits. I am asking you to nominate to me additional theologians, attorneys, pastors, Bible scholars, psychologists, historians, etc. who are willing to do this multi-faceted exploration, and to do it in a prayerful and respectful way. Also please think about what your congregation needs in order to engage in this discussion in a helpful way, and let me know how I can be of help to you.

Yours in Christ,


I am quite certain that the conclusion is pre-ordained.

From the NorCal's Trinity Cathedral website:

Bishop Gene Robinson visits Sacramento, hosted by Trinity Cathedral and Integrity of Northern California, June 30th to July 2, 2008.

Tuesday, July 1 - 9 am - Opening Prayer at the State Capitol, Breakfast with Legislators
Tuesday, July 1 - 12 Noon - Eucharist at Trinity Cathedral
Tuesday, July 1 - 2 pm to 4 pm - Meeting with Episcopal Clergy at Trinity Cathedral
Tuesday, July 1 - 5 pm - Integrity of Northern California hosts a reception for all clergy in the Greater Sacramento area with Bishop Robinson at The Crest theatre. Admission is by purchase of movie ticket and RSVP to Integrity of Northern California, noting title, congregation and contact number.
Tuesday, July 1 - 6:30 pm - Viewing of Film: "For the Bible Tells Me So" followed by Q & A with Bishop Robinson (Tickets on sale at Cathedral Book Store)
Wednesday, July 2 - 9 am - Eucharist at Trinity Cathedral
Wednesday, July 2 - 10 am - Youth Event at Trinity Cathedral