Monday, May 12, 2008

. . . like sheep without a shepherd

The same event - Archbishop Orombi's visit to this country, including a stop at Christ Church Savannah and a men's retreat in southern California

Two different perspectives -

And while the websites themselves offer two different perspectives, it's the comments that really show the ideology of each side.

Now, I definitely fall on the reasserter side and agree with a lot of the comments I read at Stand Firm and TitusOneNine, but it is very interesting to see how both sides create mini-echo chambers as those of the same persuasion comment on "their side's" website. Not much overlap, although some (and give credit where credit is due, Phil Synder valiantly plugs on at Jake's - I would have been long gone).

I don't see any way around this (of course people congregate with others they agree with) and it's not necessarily a bad thing, but every once and a while, I realize how polar opposite these views are and how that creates such personal animosity and frustration.

We really are sheep in need of a Shepherd.

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