Saturday, May 10, 2008

MCJ: Dialing it down

From Christopher Johnson at the Midwest Conservative Journal, the question we will all need to answer:

How likely is it that the Americans and Canadians will be shown the door at the upcoming Lambeth Conference? How likely is it that a united conservative/Global South front will emerge that will demand that the Archbishop of Canterbury declare the Canadian and US responses to the Windsor Report to be completely unacceptable and that both churches were expelled from the Anglican Communion until such time as both decided to respect Anglican teaching?

Short answer: not very. For one thing, Rowan Williams couldn't countenance an action that flies in the face of everything he has ever written and spoken on the subject and continue to show his face in polite European society. Even if he did, a large segment of the Church of England would rebel. Assuming the Archbishop of York, the liberal C of E bishops, along with western Europe, South Africa and Central and South America would join the US and Canada to form the Episcopal Communion the very next day. . .

But all that gets Anglicans in the pews to the basic question. Do you still want to be part of a church that is connected to TEO, even if that connection is only theoretical and has little or no impact on your parish? Or is it time to make a complete and final break with the Anglican tradition?

I've been asking myself that question a lot lately.

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