Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Retiring a gadget

I had three little gadgets on the right side of my blog page here:

  • one counting down the days to GAFCON

  • one counting down the days to Lambeth

  • and one that marked the number of days since September 30, 2007, the deadline for a response to the Anglican Primates' Dar-es-Salaam Communiqué
No adequate response by the Episcopal Church, definitively one way or another, was given to the Communiqué, except that no response is a response. (I am, of course, totally ignoring - just like everyone else - the Joint Standing Committee report, which seems to have served its purpose for about 15 minutes, never to be heard from again.)

After interviewing Archbishop Orombi, where he talks about the ramifications of that Sept. 30 deadline, I realize that it is time to retire this particular gadget, so it has now been removed.

It no longer makes sense to mark those days. They are already marked - as lost.

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