Thursday, May 01, 2008

San Diego: More on +Venables visit

Archbishop Gregory Venables made a sweep through California this week. Earlier in the week, he visited Bishop Schofield and the people of the Diocese of San Joaquin. Kevin Kallsen of AnglicanTV was there to record his talk and other events.

Then Wednesday, +Venables headed south with Bishop Bill Atwood to visit his clergy and churches in the San Diego area. He had a clergy meeting in the afternoon, and then in the evening there was a Eucharist at St. Anne's Anglican in Oceanside. I was able to make that event and it was glorious!

The church was packed as well as the church hall, where they had set up a video feed so all could see. The music was a combined choir, including a children's choir, from many of the churches now under the Southern Cone. The service used the talents of all the churches, not just St. Anne's, in providing the readers and the clergy.

+Venables was full of energy, humor, and humility. What stood out most to me was the immense feeling of joy and "lightness" (for lack of a better word, in contrast to heaviness or the weighted down feeling that I have sensed elsewhere). It seemed as though something had been released and there was now an outpouring that looked forward.

He, of course, gave a great sermon and encouraged us to consider our answer to God's call to spread the Good News. After the service, there was a reception and +Venables greeted everyone. From those there, I think one of the strongest feelings was a joy in coming together, after all everyone has been through and is still going through, to worship the Lord and know that the essentials are not only spoken by the lips but believed in the heart.

For me, however, one of the highlights was finally meeting Kevin Kallsen! I have been doing interviews for AnglicanTV since 2006, when the Current Unpleasantness started in San Diego, but Kevin and I had only met via email and the occasional phone call.

Kevin was not supposed to be there, but his flight from San Joaquin to the east coast was cancelled until today so he drove down to San Diego to cover the event (hey-it's a God thing). He livestreamed the service last night.

So here we are, the east and west coast bureau chiefs (I just made that up - so those are now our new titles) of AnglicanTV, together at last!

AnglicanTV bureau chiefs
And he had just found out that he now has enough money from donations to make GAFCON - so thanks to all who contributed!


Hening said...

Thank you for streaming his sermon. Nice to hear a good sermon, sans global warming, Bush is the devil, or we "all" need to be invited to the table (AKA homosexuals are persecuted).

Expository sermons rock the house.

Judith L said...

Thank you for all you are doing, Anne.

Anonymous said...

Does Kevin still need donations to cover Lambeth, too?

Keith Bramlett said...

I was reminded how good a communicator Archbishop Greg is (first hearing him 2 years ago at the Anglican Men's Weekend.
Speaking as the West Coast Volunteer Fundraiser for AnglicanTV (I made that up too!) Kevin needs much funding for Lambeth.
Anne it was a double treat for me to meet both you and Kevin. Thanks for all you do for us!



Anne Coletta said...

Yes, Kevin will need donations for Lambeth. He is trying to raise 4K for the trip.