Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shoe Thursday: Beach edition I

We are now in the homestretch, counting down not only the number of days before school lets out for the summer, but the actual number of classes left.

So in honor of the approaching summer, I'm offering a beach edition that I've labelled "I" since I'm sure additional editions will be forthcoming this summer. (Just go over the picture and you'll see the link to buy.)

Crocs Cayman (<br />
Nine West Swimfan (
Rocket Dog Bunny (
Dr. Scholl's Mischief (
Kate Spade Felicia (


Judith L said...

What a relief that you chose no white shoes. Your mother must be proud. BTW, do you share in my dilemma that the government declared Memorial Day comes before the REAL Memorial Day--May 30. What is the Official Innocent Doves position on exactly when white shoes are acceptable? Eagerly awaiting your judgment.

Anne Coletta said...

Actually, growing up in the South, I was told no white shoes before Easter. So Easter, we always had new white shoes. And no white shoes after Labor Day, of course!

Judith L said...

I guess Mid-Atlantic and Northern states were stricter. We got pattens for Easter. Whites waited for after Memorial Day. Hence my dilemma.